Project Brief

Conservation Mobile App


to raise awareness about the endangered status of animals while making everyday mobile APP users easy to participate in protecting the species through sharing, educating and funding strategy organized by the Save The Ferret non-profit organization.

Target Audience

Educators and students who are involved in conservation related studies as well as adults with a strong interest in wild life.


Discover information regarding the population of the animal.

Connect: Share the information with friends and family of the mobile App users.

Funding: Donate through the mobile App.



Visual design process_Click here

Logo and App design exploration

The research on brand name started from looking into an endangered animal, black-footed ferret whose habitat is in the Northern Great Plains in North America grasslands.

The Native American tribes reside in the region which gave visual inspiration to the logomark of the conservation organization.



UI design

First Draft

The short animation display user flows from splash page to the overview content. The UI design is first attempt to place materials with a visual identity. However, the Native American influence is not present as with the brand logo.

The photos on this particular mock-up are not original contents and placeholder only.

design image

Revised ui design

Clickable Second Draft

The Native American concept is fully resolved in the visual identity.
The mock-up is partially linked to pages within the App design.

All the images are original contents.