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Initial Whiteboard Session


The purpose of the site is to present a reliable access of information about CSUF’s Department of The Visual Arts, and to be the only source for Department of Arts information.


is based on Bauhaus.


Clean, simple, fast, and easy to navigate.


Student applying or currently enrolled in CSUF, parents of students, and school faculty.

What message needs to be conveyed?

To present a clear access of information to students/parents in an easily-navigated website.

What is the context?

The most common case will be a desktop context, with the user sitting comfortably in front of a home computer or laptop to navigate this website for deep research. In rare cases, it will be in a mobile context for quick access to local information or specific questions. Either way, both must give fast results to the user.

What kind of response is expected from the site visitor?

Easy navigation and more usability, ie. bookmarking for Department information.

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Competition and marketplace

Other universities and colleges with Art Department pages:

Other Cal State Fullerton department pages:

User Experience Analytics

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Hypothesis on Primary Users

Transfer students and current students seeking to find information about the Department.



Initial sitemap

Sitemap structure is built based on the persona, user test, and the report for the need of CSUF students, applicants, parents and faculty members.

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User Flow

Graduate Study Applicants and current students

The chart displays underline navigation, administration and outside link pathway of the site design. The flow is designed specifically for prospect graduates students who are looking into Graphic Design Program within the Visual Department of CSUF.